When Should You Go To The Emergency Vet in Granger, IN?

Do you have a pet in your household? Have you ever considered that you might need to take your pet to the emergency vet in Granger, IN someday? How will you know when it’s time to make this crucial decision?

It can be challenging to learn when to take your pet to the emergency vet, but knowing this before disaster strikes can mean the difference between life and death for your pet in some cases. Because of this, it’s very important to brush up on this knowledge ahead of time and make sure you know how to respond in an emergency situation with your pet.

Read through the information below to learn more.

Signs Your Pet Needs to See the Emergency Vet in Granger, IN

If Your Pet is not Breathing

If your pet stops breathing completely, this is obviously an emergency situation and requires immediate vet care. However, you may also choose to take your pet to the emergency vet in Granger, IN if she is having a lot of trouble breathing, especially without any known underlying causes for this problem.

Check your pet’s gums and tongue to determine whether or not she is getting enough oxygen. If these parts of her mouth look black, bright red, or blue (or any other abnormal color for her), this is a sign she needs emergency vet care immediately too.

If Your Pet Has Heatstroke or Frostbite

Heatstroke is very dangerous for pets. If your pet is left outdoors for too long without access to shade and water, she may develop this condition. Additionally, pets can suffer from heatstroke very quickly when they are left in a car, even on a day which doesn’t seem too hot to you. Heatstroke causes animals to pant, drool, have trouble breathing, and may lead to seizures as well. It can lead to death quickly.

Frostbite can occur when pets are left outside in very low temperatures below freezing. This can also happen when pets are left to walk, stand, or sleep on snow, ice, or other cold surfaces outdoors. Frostbite shows quickly on exposed tissue of the animal’s body, such as paw pads. However, when this symptom is visible, it can sometimes be too late to save the damaged tissue.

If Your Pet Has Been Badly Injured

Injuries are a clear reason to take a pet to an emergency vet in Granger, IN, especially if you can see the trauma and wound. This may include broken bones, bites from other animals, or injuries sustained from falls, vehicle collisions, and more.

However, some pets may suffer from severe injuries internally due to these or other causes. It is important to pay close attention to your pet’s health condition after she suffers an incident like this, since she may show signs of pain even if she doesn’t have any visual injuries. If this happens, you should take her to the emergency vet soon.

If Your Pet Has Been Bitten by a Snake or Insect

If your pet is bitten or stung by a snake or insect, pay close attention to the symptoms she shows. If the location of the bite or sting starts to swell, this may mean she is going to have a severe allergic reaction. If her snout and face swell, this means she needs emergency vet intervention for this allergy right away.

Some bites or stings may come from venomous animals and insects in Granger, IN. If you think your pet has been bitten by a venomous creature, take her to the emergency vet for treatment and, if necessary, for medication to battle the toxins.

Emergency Vet in Granger, IN

If Your Pet Becomes Dehydrated Quickly

Cat and dog dehydration is very dangerous for animals. Pets may become dehydrated quickly if they are unable to keep water down due to diarrhea or dog or cat vomiting. Additionally, pets who have heatstroke may become dehydrated, and other health problems can cause this symptom too.

Although dehydration is a symptom and not a disease, it requires immediate emergency vet intervention. Pets may become very weak, sick, and lethargic from dehydration, but vets can provide IV fluids and help get your pet back to normal in no time. The emergency vet in Granger, IN can also check for the underlying cause of the dehydration and advise you on the best way to proceed in treatments from there.

Know Where Your Emergency Vet is in Granger, IN

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about the right timing for emergency vet visits, you may feel more confident that you’ll respond appropriately if anything ever goes wrong with your pet. However, make sure you also know Kryder & Harr Veterinary Clinic’s contact information if anything like this occurs.

Knowing the emergency vet’s location and contact information can make a big difference as well, and you may also want to research and reach out to the vet ahead of time to establish a connection too. Keep this in mind moving forward and you’ll be able to make all the best decisions for your pet.

If you have questions, feel free to call Kryder & Harr Veterinary Clinic, your emergency vet in Granger, IN, at (574) 277-6533!


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