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dog frostbite in granger, in

Did You Know Dogs Can Get Frostbite in Granger, IN? Here is How to Protect Them

Many dog owners are aware that their dogs can get heatstroke, but they are not as familiar with the concept that their dogs could get frostbite. It can be easy to assume that dogs are impervious to the cold, particularly if you have a breed of dog that would traditionally live in cold climates like…

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cat drooling in granger, in

Is it Normal for a Cat to Drool in Granger, IN?

If you have never owned a cat that drools, you might be worried if you notice this behavior. There are a few reasons that your cat might be drooling, but only a few of these reasons are cause for concern. Drooling can actually be part of the normal behavior of a cat under certain circumstances.…

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can dogs eat turkey in granger, in

Can Dogs Eat Turkey in Granger, IN?

Feeding your dog table scraps is not typically a good idea, but there are occasions when people want to treat their dogs to human food. It can seem safe to feed your pet meat products that you can safely eat, but there are some meats that humans can eat that dogs should not consume large…

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dog dehydration in granger, in

Dog Dehydration in Granger, IN: What Every Pet Owner Should Know

Dogs need to be hydrated to avoid getting heatstroke. This is one of the most commonly misunderstood health risks for dogs, and many owners are not aware that their dog can get heatstroke without proper access to water when it is hot out. Dogs are not that effective at cooling themselves off, and when they…

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cat vomiting in granger, in

My Cat is Vomiting in Granger, IN – Should I Call the Vet?

Everyone who owns a cat knows that sometimes cats can vomit. This can be a normal part of your cat dealing with hairballs, but there are times when cat vomiting can be a concern. Many owners are not sure when to be concerned about cat vomiting. This is a reasonable thing to be a bit…

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can dogs see color in granger, in

Can Dogs See Colors in Granger, IN?

We all love to think of our dogs as part of the family, and it can be easy to attribute human behaviors and mental processes to our dogs. This can be a common reason that people believe that dogs can see the full range of colors that are offered on the color wheel. What is…

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cat spraying in Granger, IN

How to Stop a Cat from Spraying in Granger, IN

Cat urine is one of the most distinctive smells around, and no one wants their home to smell like it. This can be a real problem if you have a cat that struggles with spraying. This behavior can be one of the most frustrating issues that you can run into with a male cat, and…

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dog parks near Granger, IN

Top 4 Dog Parks Near Granger, IN to Visit with Your Pet

If you have just moved to Granger, IN, or you are visiting, you might not know yet where the best dog parks are for you and your pet. There are lots of great dog park options in this area, so you will have no trouble finding the right place for you and your pet to…

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cat scratching in granger, in

Why Do Cats Scratch Everything in Granger, IN?

Cats can be low on the list of pets that people want to have in their house because they have a reputation for scratching things. This can be a behavior that some cats do display, but it is not a universal behavior for cats. Cats can scratch for a lot of reasons, and not every…

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dog dehydration in granger, in

What is Dog Heatstroke in Granger, IN, and How Can I Protect My Pet?

Dogs can be sensitive to heat, and not many people realize this. You might have thought that your dog would not get too hot even when it’s warm outside because they are panting. The thing that people do not realize is that dog heatstroke can happen quite easily to dogs because they are not very…

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