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Cat Hiding

Why Does My Cat Keep Hiding?

Cats, known for their quirky yet endearing habits, can sometimes leave their owners scratching their heads in wonder, especially when they exhibit behaviors like prolonged hiding. As a cat owner in Granger, IN, it’s important to understand the reasons behind such behaviors and when they might be a sign of something more serious. The Unseen…

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Puppy Teething

Helpful Things to Know About the Puppy Teething Process

The joys of bringing home a new puppy in Granger, IN, are immense. However, along with this joy comes certain responsibilities, one of which is understanding and navigating the puppy teething process. At Kryder + Harr Veterinary Clinic, we are here to guide you through every step. The Puppy Teething Timeline in Detail Newborn puppies…

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Dog Limping

What is Causing My Dog to Limp and How Can I Help Them?

As pet owners, the health of our furry friends is paramount. When your dog starts limping, it’s natural to feel concerned and wonder, “What is causing my dog to limp, and how can I help them?” This article will provide some insights into possible causes and solutions. Identifying the Problem: Why is My Dog Limping?…

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cat wheezing in granger, in

Why is My Cat Wheezing in Granger, IN?

Wheezing is an issue that can distress any cat owner in Granger, Indiana, or around the world. As pet owners, we naturally worry when our feline friends show signs of discomfort or illness. But why is your cat wheezing? Is it a sign of a serious condition?  In this blog post, we’ll explore the possible…

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dog brushing in granger, in

6 Tips For Brushing Your Dog At Home in Granger, IN

As a dog owner in Granger, IN, you undoubtedly strive to ensure your furry friend’s wellness. Besides regular visits to the vet, an essential part of this mission is a healthy grooming routine – and this involves regular brushing. Why Brushing Your Dog at Home is Essential Brushing your dog not only keeps their coat…

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dog diarrhea in granger, in

My Dog Has Diarrhea in Granger, IN – When Should I Call the Vet?

As a pet parent in Granger, IN, seeing your beloved canine companion struggle with diarrhea can be both concerning and confusing. Many questions may arise: “What caused this?” “Can I manage it at home?” or “When should I call the vet?” This article aims to guide you through these tough times. Understanding Dog Diarrhea: Common…

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allergies in cats in granger, in

5 Signs Your Cat Could Have Allergies in Granger, IN

Cats can have allergies, just like people. They might be allergic to a variety of things in their environment, such as their food, your laundry soap, or other pets in the home. Recognizing the signs of allergies in cats can help to ensure that you get them the care that they need to feel better…

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can dogs eat marshmallows in granger, in

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows in Granger, IN?

It is no secret that dogs love to eat human food. Many people share a lot of their food with their dog, even though they know that this is not a good idea for their dog’s overall well-being. There are some foods that dogs can share with their human family, but overall, many human foods…

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dog arthritis in granger, in

How to Tell if Your Dog Has Arthritis in Granger, IN and How to Help Them

Dogs of all breeds and ages can get arthritis. This is a more common condition in older dogs, but some young animals can experience early-onset arthritis as well. This is a degenerative condition that impacts your dog’s ability to enjoy life and get around. Some dogs can be in daily pain related to their arthritis.…

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Why is My Cat Acting Lethargic in Granger, IN?

Cats can be secretive about when they don’t feel well. Many cat owners are never quite sure what their cat is feeling unless they are acting quite sick. Cat lethargy might be hard to recognize since cats sleep a lot each day, but there are some key signs that you can look for to help…

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