Pet Diagnostics in Granger: Finding Answers to Your Pet’s Health Problems

Pet care has its challenges, but pet owners are most challenged when they know their beloved furry friend has a health problem, but they don’t know what it is and what they should do.

That’s why Kryder & Harr Veterinary Clinic is all about testing, diagnosing, and setting your pet on a prognosis path as efficiently and as smoothly as possible.

Radiology (X-ray)

Our digital radiology unit provides excellent quality X-rays for evaluating all body systems. We also offer digital dental radiographs during our dental procedures, similar to the X-rays taken by your dentist. We can take radiographs and have results available within minutes, providing your pet with the best care possible.


Ultrasound is an excellent, non-invasive way to further evaluate the abdominal organs and heart with little stress for your pet.

Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory

Kryder & Harr Veterinary Clinic offers an in-house lab to run complete blood counts (CBC), blood chemistry panels, urinalysis, thyroid hormone, and testing for the most common infectious diseases. Our in-house lab allows us to rapidly provide accurate diagnoses. When needed, we also work with a number of outside labs to provide our clients with an extensive array of diagnostics tools.

Fecal Testing

We recommend an annual fecal examination for all pets—and twice yearly for dogs that go to the parks or day care or cats that are indoor/outdoor. The majority of parasites are transmissible to humans, so this is important to you as well as your pet.