Exotic Vet in Granger: Caring for Pets of All Shapes, Sizes and Species

Gray White Pet Rabbit

Did you know ferrets are required to have an annual rabies vaccine in Indiana? Did you know guinea pigs can catch colds or that hedgehogs frequently transmit Salmonella? If not, don’t worry—we do!

At Kryder & Harr Veterinary Clinic, we see more than just dogs and cats—we’re here for your pocket pets too. We understand that while there is a great deal of similarity between species, there are also important differences. There are special considerations when choosing an exotic pet. If you are thinking about a new addition to your home, let us help you choose the right pet.

When it comes to the care of an exotic pet, husbandry is the most important influence on health. Husbandry refers to the housing, environment, and feeding of animals. The vast majority of health problems in exotics occur from improper husbandry. For example, did you know that rabbits need special bedding? If you have an exotic pet at home, talk to us about how to properly care for your special pets.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the exotic veterinary services we offer for your exotic or pocket pet.