Is it Normal for a Cat to Drool in Granger, IN?

If you have never owned a cat that drools, you might be worried if you notice this behavior. There are a few reasons that your cat might be drooling, but only a few of these reasons are cause for concern. Drooling can actually be part of the normal behavior of a cat under certain circumstances. Cat drooling can actually be perfectly normal.

Cat drooling can be linked with several behaviors as well as some medical conditions. Knowing more about why cats drool can help you to be aware of situations where you should be worried about this behavior. If you want to learn some more about when to be concerned if your cat is drooling, you need to keep reading!

cat drooling in granger, in

Normal Drooling That Can Happen in Cats

Cats can be prone to drooling when they are happy. This means that if your cat is drooling because you are petting them, or they are drooling while they are kneading a blanket or a cat bed, this is perfectly normal. This is a relaxation behavior that goes back to kittenhood, and it is probably related to the feeding response that happens when they are kneading their mother to help her produce milk.

Drooling when done because your cat is happy is a form of a compliment. Your cat will only drool when in your presence if they are very content and feel very comforted and safe. Some cats are so prone to drooling when being petted that they can leave wet spots on people’s clothing or the couch or cat tree.

Stress and fear can also cause drooling in cats. When they are very frightened about a new pet in the home, or something going on outside like a thunderstorm, cats can drool. This is also not concerning behavior unless it is happening consistently or is paired with other self-destructive behavior.

Drooling That You Should Worry About in Cats

There are times that you should be worried about drooling in cats. Drooling can also be related to health conditions that need attention from a veterinarian. While occasional drooling is probably no reason for concern, there are some instances when you should be worried about signs that your cat has been drooling. The most common reasons for drooling in cats that should be cause for concern are:

Dental Disease or Issues

If your cat has a tooth infection or has dental disease, they might show signs of drooling all the time. This can be related to mouth ulcers, broken teeth, and inflammatory processes. Your vet might need to pull teeth or complete a full teeth cleaning to help your cat to be more comfortable and to stop drooling. Dental issues can also impact your cat’s heart health, and you will need to take drooling that is related to problems with the teeth seriously for this reason alone. Dental conditions can also lead to severe dehydration in cats which is very hard on their kidneys and can lead to long-term disease in some cases.


Cats that have just vomited or that are going to vomit might also drool. This is not necessarily a concern if your cat is just throwing up a hairball or has eaten some of the fronds off your favorite plant. However, if the vomiting is persistent or there is blood in the vomit, you should take your cat to the vet. There is a long list of gastric issues that could be causing drooling and persistent vomiting and you will want to be sure that your cat gets the help that they need to feel better if there is an underlying issue that is causing this problem.

Toxic Substances

If your cat has eaten something that is toxic, they might start drooling before they show other symptoms of poisoning. This can be the warning sign that something is wrong, and it can be a good indicator that your pet did really eat the toxic substance that you thought they got into. Taking your cat to the vet right away is essential when there is concern about poisoning. The sooner that your cat gets treatment for exposure to toxins, the more likely it will be that they will recover fully.

Injuries or Trauma

When cats have injured their mouths or their jaws or have suffered something like a cut or burn to the interior structures of the mouth, drooling might be the first symptom of an issue. This can be common after a cat fight as well when abscesses and other injuries to the face start to impact your cat’s comfort. Usually, you will notice other signs that the mouth or jaw has been injured, such as the inability to close the mouth all the way or pain when trying to eat. Trauma to the face can be quite serious, and you will want to be sure that your cat gets medical attention right away if they have been hurt in this manner.

Cat Drooling Might be a Cause for Concern

There are many reasons that cats can drool just because they are happy or because they are a bit scared about something that is going on. However, if your cat seems to be drooling all the time or there are signs that another health concern might be the reason for your cat’s excessive drooling, a trip to the veterinarian is in order. Cats are not as wet-mouthed as dogs, so persistent drooling is never normal in a cat.

Your vet will be able to advise about the right treatment plan for your cat that is showing signs of drooling, and you will be able to figure out a solution to the problem with ease in most cases. Paying attention to the persistency of cat drooling can be a good way to prevent issues like exposure to toxins from slipping under your radar, and it can help you to notice a mouth injury early as well. Just like other health concerns, the sooner that your cat gets treatment, the better when it comes to possible injuries or health concerns related to drooling.

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