Pet Nutrition in Granger: Counseling and Advice for Picky Pets and Problem Eaters

Every dog and cat has its own unique pet nutritional needs based on age, life stage, exercise level, and medical conditions. Our philosophy is to feed the best quality food you can afford without having to buy the most expensive. We believe in feeding to the ideal weight and body condition score, and we realize the guidelines on the bag are just a starting point and are usually overly generous for most pets’ activity levels.

Please call us at (574) 277-6533 to schedule a consultation. Our staff, especially those involved with Fit Club, is ready to handle your questions and provide a new perspective on your pet’s nutritional needs.

Orange Kitten Eating Food

Things to Keep in Mind About Pet Nutrition

  • When cheap is costly. Buying affordable food is one thing. Buying damaged food is another. Make sure the discounted food is not cheap because of dents to cans or tears in bags.
  • Prepare for the worst. Wash your hands before and after handling pet food. Assume it has an issue, so when it does, you and your pet have better odds of not being affected. This goes for food bowls and water bowls, too. Wash them regularly.
  • Storage is a big part of the story. Make sure your pet’s food is returned to the refrigerator when it goes uneaten. Dry foods should be stored in cool, dry places.