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cat sneezing in granger, in

Why Does My Cat Keep Sneezing in Granger, IN, and Should I Call the Vet?

Cats can be hard to read sometimes. Your cat might not feel good, but you might not notice anything is amiss for a few days until their symptoms start to progress. Because cats can be good at hiding their illnesses, cat owners need to be informed about different kinds of symptoms or behaviors that could…

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bad dog breath in granger, in

How Can I Eliminate My Dog’s Bad Breath in Granger, IN?

If you’re a dog owner, chances are good that you’ve experienced your dog’s bad breath once or twice. Although infrequent bad breath is nothing to worry about and is typically related to something your pet ate, regular bad breath may be a different matter. In the article below, you’ll find more information about treating and…

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heartworms in dogs in granger, in

Why It’s Important to Keep Up with Your Dog’s Heartworm Prevention

If you have a dog, you’ve probably already heard about heartworm prevention. But why is it so important to keep up with heartworm prevention, even for dogs who spend most of their time indoors? What are the benefits associated with heartworm prevention in dogs? In the article below, we’ll help you learn more about why…

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cat vaccinations in granger, in

Did you Know Cat’s Need Vaccinations in Granger, IN? Here’s Why It’s

Do you have a cat, or are you thinking of adopting one? Did you know cats need vaccinations just like dogs do? Do you want to find out more about why you should have your cat vaccinated? Many cat owners, especially those who have indoor-only cats, have questions about the necessity of vaccinations for their…

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cat obesity in granger, in

How to Help an Obese Cat Lose Weight in Granger, IN

When you have cat who needs to lose weight, you might feel defeated. It can be hard to encourage an obese cat to lose weight through activity. Dogs are easy to trick into exercising since they love to hang out with humans and engage in fun with their families. Cats, however, are not prone to…

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why do dogs have whiskers in granger, in

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers in Granger, IN?

Everyone thinks of cats as having whiskers, but dogs actually have them too. You might only see them in the right light, or you might feel them when your dog comes to say hello. Whiskers are actually very important to your dog’s ability to tell where they are at in space, particularly in the dark.…

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dog coughing granger, in

Why Does My Dog Keep Coughing in Granger, IN?

Coughing in dogs can be a sign of something simple, but it can also indicate a more serious health issue that could be going on. If your dog has been coughing and you have not been able to figure out why you will want to take your pet to the veterinarian right away. There are…

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Can dogs eat chocolate in Granger, IN

Here’s Why Dogs Can’t Have Chocolate in Granger, IN

If you have a dog, you probably know that it is best for them to just eat their dog food and not be treated to human food. This can be a hard rule to follow, however, when your dog is looking at you sweetly while you are eating dinner. It can be tempting to share…

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Dog Shedding in Granger, IN

Why is My Dog Shedding So Much in Granger, IN?

People who own dogs will tell you that shedding is just part of dog ownership. This can mean that you need to vacuum more often and that your dog might leave hairs on your slacks before you leave for work from time to time. Shedding is a healthy and normal process for dogs, but what…

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Cat nail trim in Granger, IN

5 Tips for Trimming Your Cat’s Nails in Granger, IN

Trimming your cat’s nails might feel like the last thing on earth that you want to do. Some cats really hate the process of being cared for when it comes to nail trims, and everyone knows how hard it can be to hold onto a cat that does not want to be restrained. Fighting with…

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