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can dogs eat marshmallows in granger, in

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows in Granger, IN?

It is no secret that dogs love to eat human food. Many people share a lot of their food with their dog, even though they know that this is not a good idea for their dog’s overall well-being. There are some foods that dogs can share with their human family, but overall, many human foods…

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dog arthritis in granger, in

How to Tell if Your Dog Has Arthritis in Granger, IN and How to Help Them

Dogs of all breeds and ages can get arthritis. This is a more common condition in older dogs, but some young animals can experience early-onset arthritis as well. This is a degenerative condition that impacts your dog’s ability to enjoy life and get around. Some dogs can be in daily pain related to their arthritis.…

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Why is My Cat Acting Lethargic in Granger, IN?

Cats can be secretive about when they don’t feel well. Many cat owners are never quite sure what their cat is feeling unless they are acting quite sick. Cat lethargy might be hard to recognize since cats sleep a lot each day, but there are some key signs that you can look for to help…

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puppy biting in granger, in

How to Stop Your Puppy from Biting in Granger, IN

While all puppies nip occasionally, it can be really frustrating to deal with a puppy that is biting all the time. Puppies might not be able to hurt you seriously with their bite, but adult dogs can cause serious harm when they bite someone. Stopping this unwanted behavior is very important so that your puppy…

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how much water should a dog drink in granger, in

Is My Dog Drinking Enough Water in Granger, IN?

Many people are not aware of how much water their dog should be drinking on a given day. Dogs need to stay hydrated to be healthy, and your pet will need to intake a certain amount of water every day to be protected from things like heatstroke or GI issues. Knowing how much your dog…

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cat heastroke in granger, in

Cat Heatstroke in Granger, IN: Signs, Treatment and Prevention

Many cat owners are not aware that their cats can get heatstroke. This is a more common thought on the minds of dog owners since dogs go out in the sun with their owners and go running or hiking or playing on the beach in the sun. Cats can be very susceptible to heat as…

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do dogs need sunscreen in granger, in

Do Dogs Need Sunscreen in Granger, IN?

Many people think of sunscreen as something that only people use. This is not actually the case, however, and some dogs do need to wear sunscreen when they go outside to play in the sun. This is particularly true of some breeds that have thinner or finer coats, but all dogs can need sunscreen under…

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how hot is too hot for dogs in granger, in

When is it Too Hot for My Dog to be Outside in Granger, IN?

Many dog owners are not aware of just how easy it is for dogs to get heatstroke. Dogs are not very efficient at cooling off their bodies, and they can get overheated quite readily, especially if they are exerting themselves in the heat. You need to know when it is too hot to take your…

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kennel cough in dogs in granger, in

What to Know About Dog Kennel Cough in Granger, IN

Nearly every dog owner has heard of kennel cough. This is one of the most contagious illnesses that dogs can get, and you do not want your dog to fall prey to this illness. While kennel cough is not usually deadly, it can be much harder on the health of older dogs and young puppies.…

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fleas on dogs in granger, in

Here’s How to Tell if a Dog has Fleas in Granger, IN and How to Remove Them

Nearly every pet owner will eventually have to deal with fleas on their dog. It can be easy to slip behind on your flea treatments or to forget to get your dog started on these medications to help prevent fleas. Even if you do not let your dog outside all day long, your pet can…

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