5 Tips for Trimming Your Cat’s Nails in Granger, IN

Trimming your cat’s nails might feel like the last thing on earth that you want to do. Some cats really hate the process of being cared for when it comes to nail trims, and everyone knows how hard it can be to hold onto a cat that does not want to be restrained. Fighting with your cat about trimming their nails is not productive and rarely will the human involved come out on top. You don’t want your cat to have long nails, but you don’t want to fight with them either. What is the solution?

Thankfully, these tips will help you to trim your cat’s nails without a struggle and without making them horribly upset. The more positive the trimming experience, the more likely it will be that your cat will tolerate this process without complaint when it needs to be done each month. Cats can be very easy to scare, so you will want to be sure that you keep things smooth and comfortable for your cat when it comes to nail trims. If you are ready to learn some tips for trimming your cat’s nails, read on!

Cat nail trim in Granger, IN

1. Be Patient with the Process

Remember that it takes some practice to get good at trimming cat nails without hurting your cat. You might want to check out a video or two online that show where to trim nails without causing pain or drawing blood as this can help guide your first attempts at trimming your cat’s nails. You cannot expect your cat to love this grooming process if you hurt them by accident each time that you trim their nails. Being sure about where to trim the nails to can make all the difference when you are struggling with a cat that does not like having their nails cared for.

2. Get Some Help

Sometimes having another set of hands is key to being able to hold your cat still so that you can trim their nails. If you have a family member or a friend who is willing to help hold your cat still, you can focus on the nails in front of you and trimming them with ease. The more hands on deck, the better your nail trimming experience will be in most cases. Make sure that the person helping you is not squeezing your cat too hard or pressing them down into the floor. These kinds of actions can lead to your cat panicking and hurting everyone around them just because they feel trapped. Always make sure that your restraint techniques are not going to cause more fear.

3. Spread the Toes

Many cat owners do not realize that you can place gentle pressure on the top of your cat’s foot by squeezing the middle of their paw. This causes the nails to spread and extend, which makes it much easier to clip them correctly. This is also a better way to hold onto a paw that might be moving around some. Spreading the foot and nails is the best way to trim with good visibility and you will be better able to feel any movement that your cat starts to make so that you do not accidentally cut their nails too far back because they are moving around.

4. Use the Right Tools

Small nail clippers that are made for people are perfect for clipping cat nails, but you can also buy various cat nail trim products from pet supply locations. Make sure that whatever item you are using for this process is easy to hold onto and that you can count on your ability to control it even if your cat is moving around. Drill-style trimmers are rarely a good idea for cat nail maintenance as they are often much too aggressive for the needs of cat nails and because cats tend to be scared of them. Having the right tools can make all the difference in your cat’s compliance with the nail trim process.

5. Consider Getting Professional Help

Let’s face it, some cats are just not interested in letting your trim their nails and they don’t mind showing you how much they don’t appreciate your efforts. If you cannot restrain your cat or they attack you when you try and trim their nails, it might be best to take your cat to the groomer or the veterinarian for their nail trims. Most of these locations charge a reasonable fee for this service and they have the tools and staff on hand that can make the process of getting your cat’s nails trimmed much easier overall. Your cat will thank you for not being the bad guy and they will be much less likely to get hurt or to hurt someone else with pros handling their nail trim.

Cat Nail Trims Can be a Piece of Cake

If you have been struggling with trimming your cat’s nails, these tips will help you to have a much better experience when this maintenance needs to be done. Remember to be patient and kind to your cat since they cannot understand why anyone would want to trim their nails. It can be tough to explain to a pet that these kinds of processes are necessary for their well-being, but patience is always key with a scared animal that is reacting to something they don’t understand.

Remember as well that you can get help from a grooming expert or a vet’s office if your cat is unruly about this process. There is no reason to try and fight with your cat if they are really scared and completely unwilling to let you trim their nails at home. Some pets are not willing to accept this kind of care process with grace and you might need to let the professionals handle it for you when it comes time for nail trims.

Cat nail trims don’t have to be stressful if you use these tips and practice patience while caring for your cat’s nails.

If you have any other questions about cat nail trims, or caring for your pet cat in general, give Kryder + Harr Veterinary Clinic  in Granger, IN, a call at (574) 277-6533 today!


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