Fall and Halloween Pet Safety Tips in Granger: Helping Pets Enjoy the Season

Fall is a favorite season for many, and for good reason! The changing leaves, cooler weather, and Halloween decorations make for a charming, exciting time of year. Yet, this season also brings with it some dangers for our pets! Our animal hospital has gathered some fall and Halloween pet safety tips for Granger pet owners. Read on to learn more!

Fall Pet Safety Tips

The cooler weather is a welcome relief but it also stirs up some trouble for our pets! Follow these tips for a safer fall season:

  • Beware of lingering pests! Cooler weather sadly doesn’t put a stop to fleas and ticks, both of whom can be active all year long if there’s a mild winter. Keep up your pet’s parasite prevention to keep them safe from these pests!
  • Be cautious with rodenticides. Another form of pest, mice and rodents, often seek shelter in and around our warm homes this time of year, which causes many of us to whip out the rodenticides. If using these poisons, keep them secured away from pets as they can cause severe toxicity.
  • Speaking of toxins… Antifreeze is another common poison for pets. It has a sweet smell that they love, so it’s important to store the container in a paws-free zone. Also make sure to clean up any spills before your pet finds it!
  • Allergy season round 2 is upon us. Fall often brings about another nasty round of allergies which can affect sensitive pets, too. Watch for excessive scratching, red, inflamed skin, and paw-licking. These could be signs of dog and cat allergies! Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian by calling (574) 277-6533 or using our online form so you can get your pet relief.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

One of the highlights of this season is Halloween! This scary holiday is a lot of fun for the whole family, but not so much for our furry family members. Help your pet have a happy Halloween with these tips:

  • Don’t share the candy with your dog or cat! Many of us are aware that chocolate is poisonous for our pets, but a lot of other candies are no good for them either. Make sure you have plenty of pet-friendly treats around so your pet can enjoy the treat part of the holiday, too!
  • A word of caution for costumes. Not all pets love getting dressed up. If your pet is anxious and irritable in their costume, it could cause some bad behavior or even aggression. Make sure to only dress up your pet if they love it!
  • Another word about costumes. Your own costumes can cause your pet anxiety, too. They change your appearance and even your smell, which means your pet has a harder time recognizing you. If they seem nervous around you and your costumed guests, put them in a quiet back room with their favorite toy where they can relax.
  • Be wary of dangerous decorations. Candles, jack-o’-lanterns, and electronics can all be dangerous to pets. They can be curious and play with the flickering light of a candle or lit pumpkin, so place these well out of paws’ reach. Furthermore, electric cords are a favorite chew toy to many pets. Secure these away from them to prevent electrocution.

Have any thoughts or questions about fall pet safety tips or Halloween safety? Contact our Granger animal hospital at (574) 277-6533 or ask your veterinarian at your next appointment!