Dog Neuter in Granger, IN: 10 Benefits for Your Pet

One of the best decisions you can come to as a pet parent is to neuter your dog. There are many reasons to do it for the animal’s life and even more reasons to do it for the greater good.

Neutering your dog not only benefits your pet by reducing his chances of developing certain health conditions and exhibiting good behavior, but it also helps prevent overpopulation. Population control is the most important reason to neuter your pet.

Whether it is a health reason or a concern for their behavior, there are a plethora of benefits you and your pet will get by neutering your dog. Your community will also benefit from fewer homeless animals to put into shelters.

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10 Benefits for Neutering Your Dog

There are many benefits for neutering your dog in Granger, IN. Read on to see what the benefits are to neutering your dog.

1. Genetics

An excellent reason to neuter is to prevent the spreading of bad genes. Dogs can have a plethora of health problems if a breeder produces them or if they breed on their own. Dogs can inherit hip dysplasia, eye problems, or heart conditions.

2. Testicular Tumors

Neutering abolishes the risk for testicular cancer. This type of cancer is primarily seen in dogs who still have all their “parts.” It is said to develop from testosterone, which dogs that are not neutered are more likely to have.

3. No Perineal Hernia

A perineal hernia occurs when the organs from the belly slip or herniate through impaired muscles in the pelvis. The result is a protrusion on one or both sides of the anus. The hernia can contain fat, fluid, or even the bladder. This type of hernia will often cause constipation.

4. Neutered Pets are Happier

The other downside to testosterone is that it can cause aggressive behavior. This pattern can negatively affect your dog, and they may even fight with or attack other animals.

5. Better Behavior

They are less likely to lift their leg when they pee to mark their territory. Neutered male dogs are also less aggressive and respond to training better.

6. No Unwanted Outcomes Such as Weight Gain

Your dog should not gain weight from being neutered. As long as their diet is healthy, they are receiving adequate nutrition, and they exercise on a daily basis, your dog will remain fit and healthy.

7. Reduction in Sexual Behaviors

Intact Dogs, will often hump everything they come in contact with. They will do it on your furniture or even a human leg if the mood strikes.

8. Keeps Them from Chasing Females

A female dog in heat gives off chemicals that the male dog finds intoxicating. The male dog will often whine, pace, or even leave his house or yard searching for this female.

9. Decreases Prostate Disorders

An enlarged prostate occurs in 80 percent of male dogs more than five years old. Dogs who have this issue often find urination and defecation challenging. However, if you neuter your dog, the prostate will shrink quickly, and everything goes back to normal.

10. Overpopulation Prevention

It is a tragedy that many shelter animals are euthanized because of overpopulation. They often do this to make room for new, more “adoptable” pets. The high number of unwanted litters can be prevented by neutering your pet.

What Age is The Best Age to Neuter a Male Dog?

Most veterinarians recommend that your dog be neutered between the ages of six to nine months. Veterinarians will typically perform the procedure once the genitals of your dog have entirely developed.

Nine-month-old puppies can be described as unruly teenagers. Their hormones are not in check, and they become sexually mature at this age. During this stage, they can often be unpredictable. If this age does not neuter your dog, the puppy can become a “teenage” father, which we all know can be problematic.

There is also a disparity concerning the period of puberty between large and small-breed dogs. The smaller dogs usually arrive at puberty at a very early age, while the larger ones will often come into puberty late, which means that smaller dogs tend to get neutered at a younger age than the larger ones do. The earliest heard of age that a dog can be neutered is six to eight weeks. However, they may be too young, and they may experience complications from anesthesia.

It may be surprising to know that providing your dog is healthy, they can be neutered at any age, so it is not too late. Ideally, you should take your dog to get altered once they reach reproductive age.

What About Their Sexual Maturity?

Breeding a male or female dog takes a lot of planning, research, and patience. You should work with an experienced teacher, a trustworthy breed club, and your veterinarian. The decision of whether to breed puppies should not be taken lightly.

Female dogs tend to go into heat twice a year. At the beginning of their heat, proestrus occurs. Her vulva will swell, and she will lick down there and urinate more often. She will also have vaginal discharge, which is somewhat like the human period. She will be fertile for a couple of weeks. The first heat is sometime between six and fifteen months. This age is when they mature. On the other hand, Male dogs will be active all year long, and they can have puppies at five months of age.

During this time, your puppy has an even higher testosterone level than an adult male. Other male dogs are often aggressive toward a puppy with an elevated testosterone level. To keep your dog from becoming aggressive, exercise him on a daily basis.


The decision to neuter your dog is probably the most valuable decision you can make. You need to be aware of the benefits for your dog, as well as your community. You should find out as much as you can from you’re your veterinarian. Making the right choice for your dog will make you a responsible pet parent.

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