Why is My Cat Losing Weight in Granger, IN?

Have you noticed your cat losing weight recently? If so, you may be concerned about her health. Weight loss in cats is usually a sign that something is wrong, but sometimes the problem may be less severe than others.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the most common reasons why cats might start losing weight, either suddenly or over time. Read through this information to see if you can figure out what might be going on with your cat. Don’t hesitate to take her to the veterinarian if you think there is any reason to do so.

Cat Losing Weight in Granger, IN

Chronic Illness

Chronic illness is probably the most serious cause of weight loss in cats, particularly if it’s a more severe type of chronic illness. Chronic illness can range from cancer to hyperthyroidism and includes dozens of possible problems that could be causing your cat to lose weight.

Your vet will need to diagnose your cat with any of these illnesses. From there, you can work with your vet to figure out the best course of action for managing your cat’s condition throughout the rest of her life.

Old Age

As cats get older, they tend to lose a little weight and body mass. A senior cat is not likely to weigh as much as she did when she was a young, healthy cat in her prime, and this is normal.

However, since many chronic illnesses also occur in cats as they age, you should have your cat checked by the vet regularly to ensure she is healthy in her twilight years.

Talk to your vet if you think your cat has lost too much weight to remain healthy as she ages. She may need to go on a special senior blend food.


Parasites, especially those that affect the digestive system, can cause weight loss in cats as well. This problem is a moderate one; it is not as severe as old age or chronic illness, but it will require some attention from you and your vet to treat it.

With the proper medication and treatment, your cat should have no trouble fighting off an infestation of parasites, especially if she is a healthy adult cat otherwise. Talk to your vet for more information about how to handle worms and other types of parasitic problems in your cat.

Food Allergy or Intolerance

Another moderate problem that can cause weight loss in cats is food allergy. Cats, just like dogs and even humans, can develop an allergy to a variety of ingredients in food. When this happens, they may have frequent diarrhea or vomiting that leads to weight loss.

Additionally, some cats may simply have an intolerance to certain ingredients in their food. If your cat has a food intolerance, she may not have diarrhea, but she may still be unable to absorb the nutrients she needs from the food she eats. This will, of course, cause her to lose weight steadily over time.

Low Quality Food

Lower quality foods that don’t contain the right types or quantities of nutrients can cause cats to lose weight steadily over time as well.

If you’re feeding your cat a very low-cost food, chances are good the quality of that food isn’t very high either. You might need to consider an upgrade if you think the quality of your cat’s food could be causing her to lose weight.

Sometimes, however, low quality cat foods contain more fat as a filler than high quality foods, so they can cause your cat to gain too much weight. Keep this in mind as well.

Food Pickiness

Finally, the mildest and most common cause of weight loss in cats is simply food pickiness. Cats may be picky about certain flavors or textures of food from day one, or they may develop a pickiness as they age.

Either way, if your cat is turning up her nose at her food, try her on something different until you find the type of food she likes.

A picky cat doesn’t have to lose weight, especially if you take time to find the right food to suit her needs. Once your cat is back to eating normally again, check her weight often to be sure she is gaining.

Your Kryder & Harr Veterinary Clinic Vet is Ready to Help with your Cat Losing Weight

As you can see, the causes of weight loss in cats can range from the mild to the very severe. It’s important to notice your cat’s other health and wellness symptoms to determine whether or not you think she is very sick or could just be feeling picky about her food.

In any situation relating to your cat’s health, you should take her to the vet if you have any concerns or questions. And if she shows any signs of an emergency arising, take her to the emergency vet. To book an appointment with your Kryder & Harr Veterinary Clinic vet about your cat’s weight loss call (574) 277-6533 today!


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