The Power of Pet Preventative Care in Granger

Pet preventative care is not a controlled attempt at perfect health. When you visit us for routine pet wellness exam, you up the odds in your pet’s favor to live a long, healthy, full, vibrant life. Modern veterinary care has increased the longevity of our loyal animal companions. Routine pet preventive care plays a strong role as the cause of this longevity.

Pet wellness care starts at the puppy and kitten stage and goes well into the senior years. At Kryder Veterinary Clinic in Granger, we deliver comprehensive preventive care and guide you on your role as a proud pet parent in the process.

Puppy and Kitten Care

One of our favorite jobs is working with puppies and kittens. We get to help owners shape the lives of pets. Starting with the first visit, we want to set up our puppies, kittens, and owners for success. At this age, parasite control, vaccinations, and socialization are the keys to good health and a bright future.

Pet Preventative Care in Granger, IN

Adult Dog and Cat Care

Annual wellness exams for all pets allow us to tailor plans for weight management, oral health care, and continued appropriate vaccinations to establish healthy habits leading into the senior years.

Senior Dog and Cat Care

Annual, or even semi-annual, wellness exams are recommended for seniors, including blood work. Early detection means a longer healthier life for your aging best friend. Through regular health examinations, combined with serial monitoring of blood values, a number of health conditions can be detected before you see signs at home. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your pet today!

If you have any questions on pet wellness care and preventive measures, let us know! We’re happy to assist you on all aspects of your pet’s care.