The Kryder Veterinary Clinic Remodel

Our animal hospital remodel is ALMOST done! Just a couple finishing touches left to do but most of those are behind the scenes. We are so excited to share the finished product with you! After all, the remodel was done with our clients and patients in mind!

Our Animal Hospital Tour 

As you step in the door, you will be overwhelmed with a sense of cleanliness and calm. For those animals that are nervous, our place will become warm and quiet for them. For the animals that need a belly rub, we’re here to help! We can now focus on compassionate care and relieving pain by surrounding ourselves in an environment we all want to work in!

Dr. Eichenseer says of the remodel: “Our workplace remodel turned out great! It’s wonderful to see the improvements in our hospital. My favorite part is the canvas photos in our exam rooms. Did you know they are our own family pets? So, as I work with each client I am surrounded by photos of my friends. They keep watch over me and remind me why I work at KVC.”

Some of Our Newest Features 

Next time you come to visit, take a look at the walls! There are pictures of our history, your furry family members, and our friends. If you’re wondering what they all mean, please ask! Each picture on our walls has a story of its own.

The decals also make a wonderful addition. The Labrador with the leash in his mouth makes us giggle. Or, can you find the rats? We can turn this into a game. Look for the rat decals. There are several peaking around each corner. Count them! How many do you see?

Our fish tanks received lots of love in the remodel too. They all have new residences and accessories. The turtles, fish, and reptiles are happy to finally be back in their familiar spots so they can see our clients and patients. We have cichlids in exam room 5 that are laying eggs and having babies. Be sure to check out baby Oscar in room 4 as he will be BIG soon!

Thank You from Our Team 

The remodel has been hectic and we appreciate your patience as we get things completed. Through noise and dust our clients and patients have stood by us and we’ll forever be grateful. Thank you for your overwhelming positive response to your new space. We’re glad you are happy with our choices.

Come in and visit soon!

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