Love, Hope, and Veterinary Medicine: Renovations


A client walked out today because of the machinery noise.   This makes us sad, we LOVE our clients and to not be able to serve them like we normally can is a struggle.

Many tough decisions have been made to update our 20 year old building.  We knew it would present some hurdles and some days we would have to be closed.  However, renovations are temporary.  We are excited for the wonderful fresh new “face” lift but it comes with some heavy hearts.  We do not like having to shorten our surgery schedule, shorten our staff, and rearrange appointments.  It doesn’t do a service to our clients and patients.  They are our number 1 priority and it is difficult to maintain a level of professionalism when you are screaming over construction machinery or sitting on a pile of dust.   First/second/third impressions are important and we HOPE our clients are patient enough to hang with us while we make their clinic beautiful.

And it WILL be beautiful.  And Clean.  And Fresh.

Our HOPE is that your new clinic is warm and inviting.  We LOVE the paint and flooring that was picked out and believe that it will add to your veterinary experience.    We thank you for your tolerance.

Love and Hope,


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