Kryder Veterinary Clinic

KVC: A Family Veterinarian For Every Pet

Pet Health Care at Kryder Veterinary Clinic Pets of all types find just the care they need at Kryder Veterinary Clinic. We pride ourselves on providing the animal members of your family with the friendly and attentive service for which we are known, putting preventive medicine at the forefront of our approach to every pet type.

Complete Care For All Pets

Just as you would for any human member of your family, it’s important to bring your animal companion in for his or her annual check-up. This allows us to keep close tabs on your pet’s health, and note any new developments in a timely manner so that we may tailor a complete wellness program to fit his or her unique needs across all life stages.

For puppies and kittens, we all know vaccinations are important. But in addition to keeping your pet’s shots up to date, we also aim to provide a comprehensive plan for keeping your pet healthy for life. This means also emphasizing sound pet nutrition and behavioral training for these younger animals, so you can enjoy their good company for years to come.

As your pet’s personality and appearance can change over time, so will his or her health. In order to make sure your animal companion ages gracefully, we take a special approach to our senior dog and cat patients: emphasizing basic preventive care, while also paying increased attention to your pet’s dental health and overall quality of life. Keeping your pet active is crucial to his or her health in these later years, and we provide expert veterinary rehab therapies for pets who might have difficulty getting around.

Let’s not forget our pocket-sized, feathered, and scaly friends too! Exotics and pocket pets such as ferrets, reptiles, and other unique animals all receive great treatment from our team to keep them happy and healthy. We’re more than happy to talk shop about these special pets, and can provide sound advice for taking care of your unique family member at home.

A Quick Note on Fleas & Ticks

We all know fleas and ticks are no fun for our pets. But did you also know that these parasites can affect the wellbeing of your human family members too? By transferring zoonotic diseases from animals to humans, parasites can not only cause discomfort but can also make us sick. While this is not common, it is important to know the importance of keeping your pet (as well as the rest of your family) safe from these threats. It is highly recommended that all pets who may venture outdoors receive regular flea and tick treatments. At Kryder Veterinary Clinic, we offer a number of safe and effective preventatives that can be picked up and administered right here at the hospital.

As always, if you have any questions at all about pet health services at Kryder Veterinary Clinic, feel free to stop in or contact us anytime. We’d love to speak with you.